Heavy Duty Coolant Heaters

Phillips and Temro heavy duty coolant heaters greatly improve cold weather engine startability and decrease engine wear. Improved heat and defrost time are added benefits to pre-warmed coolant.

PTI Heavy Duty Block Heaters are designed and tested for the severe conditions experienced in Heavy Duty Truck, Construction, Mining, Forestry and Agricultural applications. Heavy duty, threaded electrical connectors, plated steel adapters, and the highest quality elements insure that PTI heaters will hold up over time. For the most comprehensive lineup of heavy duty engine block heaters please refer to our application guide or contact us to discuss developing a heater for your application.                                                                                   

Wattage: 100-2000W

Power: 120, 240, and 230V CE
Adapters: Threaded, Plate, and V-Loc
Elements: Copper, Stainless, and Inconel alloy



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