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Custom Engineered Solutions in Heating, Cooling and Electrification Technologies

Phillips and Temro Industries serves global customers in designing and manufacturing thermal solutions and systems.

A century of technical experience and manufacturing expertise back our ability to engineer, validate, and deliver effective solutions across a diverse range of markets. Customers count on our flexibility, rapid response and ability to manage complexity to assist them in engineering processes. From concept design, to rapid proto-typing and on-site product testing, OEM leaders trust Phillips and Temro Industries in valued partnerships that span decades.

Whether a system requires heating, cooling, or electrification components, Phillips and Temro has the solution for the job.

Winner of the 2015 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award


The New Idle Free Series® 4000 Electric APU  


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Idle Free® electric APU and Reefer Link® Improve recruiting and retention of top-quality drivers for Central Trucking, Inc.
Idle Free Systems:  Idle Reduction - Benefits Without the Sacrifices


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Engineered solutions in heating and electrification technologies.

Electric APU solutions offer an alternative to discretionary idling, provide driver comfort and reduce maintenance costs.

Fuel and fluid warming solutions for heavy duty trucks and off-highway equipment.

Cooling fans for diesel engines, radiator packages and HVAC markets.


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